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requests for app

Had two requests to make the app even more perfect:

A Random Episode button
'Play Next/Previous ' episode buttons

With VIP there are THOUSANDS of episodes to get into across the various shows. Currently if i wanna listen to an from the years before i became a fan i need to scroll the list of KATG eps until my finger falls off or enter a specific number of the ep or search for a guest from that ep.

Searching for a number or guest is easy but if i don't have a specific ep I'm looking for, I'm just putting in random numbers and hoping i haven't listened to that already. And if, after hearing a particularly great episode from 10 years ago, if I wanna listen to the follow up i can't just hit "next" on the episode page, I have to go back to search and search the number of the next ep.

These are literally first world problems but it would make my time going through and enjoying VIP much better
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