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Biden doesn't even have dementia. He has Old White Dude, Who is Used to Being In Charge with a side of No One Is Telling Him to Stop. He sounds as daffy as Trump whenever he tells a story. Just wandering through a tale and getting louder at the buzz words he was told to use.

Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
It breaks my liberal heart to even hear Biden is considered a viable candidate.

Christ people. Letís not lose this election. Again.
The powers that be in the media really keep pushing him as the only viable candidate for dems but he's a real disappointing grandpa. His wife going on TV and essentially saying "settle for him even if the other guys are better" should've been the only nail in the coffin he needed.

In all my galaxy brained power I'd like to think he's becoming and big bidoof on purpose to get everyone to turn to Bernie/Warren when he eventually bows out of the race. But I doubt it.
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