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Craving a conversation between Pierre Delecto and John Miller.

People online quickly called out President Donald Trump's previous use of aliases on Monday, after the president's son Donald Trump Jr. and former GOP Governor Mike Huckabee criticized Republican Senator Mitt Romney's fake Twitter account.

Romney confirmed late on Sunday evening that he was behind the previously public Twitter account Pierre Delecto, admitting that he used the account to be a "lurker" on the social media platform for nearly a decade. While some Trump allies have criticized Romney for using the account, the president is known to have used various aliases for several decades to share information with journalists and the media.

"If Mitt Romney had any guts he would would take on media directly rather than with a fake twitter account, but he doesn't," Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter Monday morning after news broke that Romney had a Twitter account under the name Pierre Delecto. "He only says things that will ingratiate him to the same MSM that destroyed him during his failed run. They're using him and he doesn't even get it. Sad!"

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