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Because I'm either a good mom or the worst, I listen to KATG in the car daily when me and my daughter are driving to and from school. She's 4 and a half. She heard today's episode and said "I wish Keith and Chemda came to MY school, you should invite them to my birthday party." She thinks you guys are the funniest ever, has named two dolls of hers after you and even has this little dollhouse they go in that they go in called The Keith and the Girl House.

I couldn't imagine booking a general comedian for a group of preschoolers! This was probably a bougie school in Jersey City that DEFINITELY did have the money to pay for this kind of shit.

But in case anyone needs hints on what makes kids laugh, boogers are on the right track. Burps, farts, poop, pee. When we listen to music in the car, her thing lately is to replace words in songs with poop, pee, fart, burp and crunch. So you could also be a low-rent version of Weird Al and make up songs like "Old Town Fart" and it'll be a hit to the preschool crowd.
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