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Originally Posted by FingerLakes View Post
I wrote an extremely long post, over analyzing all of the things FM said in these two eps...

I got about 5 paragraphs in and it was basically "assuming that only one of these is a lie then we have Timeline A, otherwise if all of these are lies then we have Timeline B."

I deleted the post before putting it through because just writing it down let me feel how fucking crazy all of this is...
Listening to Andrea and Bianca analyze/dissect/puke up this information gave me a similar feeling. I honestly and literally felt a rush as my brain span trying to make sense of all the jumping from one lie to another, from one insane spec of information that spins off into a tangent. Jesus H Christ.

Is he getting off on creating these fantasy worlds where he talks to magic white men who confirm his nonsense and where he totally never made his kids dig holes and a millionaire almost seduced him on a cruise and he played catch with Keith and Keith threw the ball with such a force that gosh darnit, can you believe it?

Or is he just out of his mind?

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