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Best Guest

Mark DeMayo

Nonsense #5: The Breakdancing Cop

21:50 - 24:35

The definition of a great guest is a good story teller with fantastic stories. Mark DeMayo is that and more. Right out the gate he's talking about 'solo dancing' which is what we now call B-Boy battle dancing, back when NYC clubs gave you mescaline at the door. He's talking about being sent to military school and passing around vaseline for a barracks-style circle jerk.

The kicker is at 21:50 when Carmen asks Mark if he's ever shot someone. OMG. His response is so great I don't wanna spoil it. All I can say is it's such a funny take on being a cop. I really wanna see his stand up.

A cop comedian. What a great premise to riff off. Keith at one point goes, "Ever wanna shoot a heckler?"

Absolute banger episode. Must listen. 5 Stars. All that.
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