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Best Rant

They Don't Have A Duke or Duchess of Sussex

KATG 3214: Holy Castle w/ Micah Sherman

23:00 - 26:15

Keith gets on his CAN YOU IMAGINE shit and drops some knowledge on this important issue.

"You don't really think about it necessarily but it goes back to your great Grandparents -THEY had a Duke an Duchess. And then your parents had a Duke and Duchess. And you kinda knew about 'em. Saw them on TV. And then all of a sudden BUH BYE."

Chemda goes "Do you think a lot of people are in their safe rooms?"

Keith loses it and yells "They didn't even plan for it!!!"

Keith gets into such a fervor about such an absolute non-issue. You start to wonder if his 'Institutionalized Kingdoms' is a thing and we should all be worried.
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