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Look. I'm a fat/ drunk/ meth junky trying to kill myself. My brains mush. All bad drugs do is make you horny. So porn. All the time.

Listening to SOFABAB videos make me realize how much of a waste I am.

But I am not a pedophile. I don't creep on girls. When I date, it's within my age range.

I can't remember all the awful things I said to people on this site. But I'm not racist. I don't hate Jews. I've been creepy, weird, flirty, just plain wrong with Hennesy. I don't even know what it was I said to Andrea or Chemda.

Call me out on hurting people here. Expose me for a small dick. Or annoying/ boring forums. But this seems over the top. There's like 80 hours of me running around naked, shitting, jerking off. All my personal info is out.


If I was sexually harassing someone involved with this show, then post the text. Talk about what I actually did. This is more punishment than I deserve.
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