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I see Keith's tweet mocking me. Yeah. I didn't know that at 2;30am on January 1st, you hacked into my iPhone and Macbook cam. That means for weeks you all are watching me. All while I'm posting and feel like I'm part of KATG.

I get it. You're done. But that means you hacked my cam back in 2016. You made those Andrea eps. I harassed people and you wanted me gone. I didn't see those videos till now. 3 years later.

But then You decide New Years day to hack my cam again. Was I ever a part of forums? When did you all decide I needed gone?

I think it's fucked you hacked me twice. Exposed all sorts of video and stills. But never bothered to tell me to leave. Encouraged me to stay.

It's excessive. I accept I did serious wrong, but not being told, being secretly videoed, and then encouraged to stay isn't a Baby reaction.
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