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Originally Posted by Lanfear View Post
'My wife doesn't seem to want to have sex with me all that often but trust me I make her come so fast and so hard'

Now I'm not saying that not possible but that certainly made me pause a second.

But besides that point:
I agree with everything Chemda and Andrea said (does he compliment her, try to seduce her, make time for what she finds sexy?) but I'd also like to add that she might just not want to have more sex than she is currently having with you even though she agreed to that sexy sexy every 4 days contract years ago.
And that's just a fact for some people that changes over the years but wow you kinda made that sound like a character deficit - no wonder she might not want to talk about that.
I totally agree. I think the first thing that needs to happen with them is a very open conversation, if that's possible. You can already feel resentment though so that is why couple's therapy might help.
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