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Listen there are so many reasons your wife probably doesn't want to fuck you.

We can already tell your resentment, anger and entitlement through this letter's tone. Your wife LIVES with you, you think she doesn't hear and sense your resentment? "Make it your fault first" is the best advice. Be the partner she wants to have sex with.

I would love to read the letter from your wife about this situation.

Your wife could be going through so many more things than just work. Women exist in more than one realm of work & relationships. I imagine she has friends and family too, which bring their own stressors to life. And maybe she is just stressed about work. That can bleed into the rest of her life... it's not just about "being busy" or giving her energy to her coworkers. We don't know her job, title, responsibilities. She could be worrying about layoffs, or rolling out a new project, or a hundred other things at work. Having a hard day at work after every day being a hard day, and coming home to a guy being passive aggressive about his dick isn't going to get your lady drippin.

Have a talk with your wife, don't bring up your stupid "4 day rule" and see what's going on. Missing the connection and intimacy is more important than dropping loads, so if she's feeling like she's just an obligatory cumdumpster for you, it's not going to lead to more sex at all.
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