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Going to continue my "live-reaction" to the show:

Keith singing Taylor Swift! My favorite!

"Am I the Asshole" is a total favorite of mine. Danny is ludicrous in such a great way! And Sara Carter?! Hahahaha

Had to pass her bra down to the stage. That was sick a great place for a Third Love ad spot!

Choking is definitely a second-date conversation topic. Or for after a first date if it goes well...

"Do you have a container for the butter?..."

Olive Garden, Danny? Olive Garden?!

Ok, going to listen a bit more

Ok I'm back. "Sorry, Keith. He turned my mic down." Dead.

I would divorce that person, too. I'm glad my future wife Apia would never busy body someone else's family for giving sips of a margarita to their teenage kid.

"You had a LOT of friends get fired?! YOU'RE LYING" Ok, this is an early contender for a KATGUH. Fuck Trevor.

"The little person is the asshole."

"When you're hiring someone to suck your dick..." "At least take off one headphone."

Danny and Sara's podcast is hilarious and I just LOVE Chemda and Keith's take on these questions. Great episode. Ok bye.
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