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(Sorry this is verbose, the TLDR is bolded )

Originally Posted by rodimusprime View Post
It didn’t seem like he was a regular listener of the show who knew all that though. He seemed like he was shocked only because Chemda is a woman and she still somehow supports Bernie. Didn’t seem nearly that deep to me. But it was ironic because he had just spent all that time making word salad to avoid the the claims of misogyny among Bernie supporters.
Exactly. David was SO close to making some good observations. Chemda was really guiding him well, but he made assumptions about her questions and threw things off. Therein lies the #1 problem with Bernie Bros, they get worked up and make assumptions about why people support others. Identity politics are often their go-to attack (you aren't looking at the issues, you just want a woman / gay!). The polarizing candidates especially seem to have immature and extremist fans who are assholes on the internet. I suspect that there might be more fervor coming from Bernie bros because it’s incredibly frustrating to have evidence about something and not know how to change minds. It takes maturity to step back and know when an argument is not worth it. Bernie bros may be right about a lot of things, but they are angry, often misogynist (but don’t realize it), emotionally unintelligent, poor communicators who don't know when or how to engage on the internet. Bernie Bros can be as rabid as trump trolls. I might be more irritated by them than people who disagree politically, because they are like the players acting crazy and screwing things up for the whole team.

I say this as an avid Bernie supporter. Universal healthcare is an incredibly important issue to me, and the lack of it has massively influenced my life and that of loved ones over the past few years. I fully agree that Warren, and Mayo Pete especially, are full of shit. But you can’t come at people with that. Their campaigns have been massively misleading, their plans are, in my opinion and the studies I’ve read, less likely to solve the problems that people have wanted changed since before Trump. I am similarly upset when I see unsubstantiated arguments for other candidates online, and people falling for messaging without looking for backup information, and aligning with candidates who don’t actually have their best interests in mind. However, I know that 99.9% of minds are not changed from internet “discussions.” It’s just not worth engaging unless someone is open for it.

Originally Posted by Apia View Post
I'm not an American so this is all theoretical.
I like lots of things about Bernie mostly how he was on the right side of history so often.
He was pro LGBT rights when it wasn't cool at all same with civil rights for black people.

Funny how people call him unrealistic for wanting things for Americans we have like for forever like paid maternity leave or universal health insurance.
Yes! His opponents keep pushing how medicare for all can’t be done. Many Americans have eaten up propaganda about the “negatives” of universal healthcare in, you know, every other industrialized nation. I’ve had a little experience with European healthcare, and I literally cried with joy about how easy everything was compared to care at home. People are scared of losing “choice” over insurance plans, when the truth is, we don’t have much choice at all. Our employers choose our insurance providers. We choose the level of coverage, but I don’t know a single person who LIKES their insurance plan. I’ve been on one of the best plans in the nation, and there was still expensive BS involved. It can’t be done without massive change in our for-profit insurance system. They keep asking how we can afford it, when it would be less costly. Jobs will shift, not be lost. But apparently we can afford endless wars, corporate bailouts, and our F-35 jet program (want to get angry about governmental waste? Look that trillion-dollar shit up).
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