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Originally Posted by juliofromny View Post
That’s not his point. He saying don’t vote because of identity politics. If you’re a person of color don’t automatically vote for a person of color. If you’re a woman, don’t automatically vote for a woman.

Look at their policies first and if the policies align with your ideals, then vote for that candidate, regardless of their gender, race, or sexual orientation.
But you don’t see how patronizing and reductive that is? The underlying assumption is that everyone who isn’t a white man is voting for their “identity.” Which isn’t true. If that was the case why didn’t black people vote for Ben Carson in huge numbers? If it’s about identity politics then why did 53% of white women vote for Trump over Clinton?

Meanwhile if we say white men want to vote for Bernie (especially in 2016) because he’s a white man that’s not considered them voting their “identity?” That’s why he was so shocked Chemda was voting Bernie because in his reductive reasoning he couldn’t even hear her as she said she was voting for Bernie. He assumed she’d vote for a woman candidate because she’s a woman. As if only straight white men have the ability to “reason” with their vote. Last time I checked every president except one has been a straight white dude. Maybe straight white dudes are the ones concerned about “identity” more than anyone else?
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