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Originally Posted by rodimusprime View Post
But you don’t see how patronizing and reductive that is? The underlying assumption is that everyone who isn’t a white man is voting for their “identity.” Which isn’t true. If that was the case why didn’t black people vote for Ben Carson in huge numbers? If it’s about identity politics then why did 53% of white women vote for Trump over Clinton?
There are a lot of Warren supporters and Klobuchar supporters, especially with a voice on mainstream media, who have been pushing a narrative that voting for Bernie is a vote against women and we should have a woman president, not another old white man. That’s who Dave Feldman is angry against. He watches way too much MSNBC and CNN, not to mention he’s very active on Twitter. He’s constantly seeing that narrative. That’s what’s pissing him off.

That woman’s identity argument has died off a little from the mainstream narrative the last 4-6 weeks and now they’re trying to use anti-Semitic and red commie narratives against Bernie (who is Jewish and had family survive the holocaust). Anyway, I digress. That’s what he’s upset about.

UPDATE: just remembered, past few weeks, Elizabeth Warren’s team was trying to say that Bernie doesn’t believe a woman could be president (guess she forgot that Bernie tried to get her to run in 2016, before running himself). So the “misogyny” and “you should vote for a woman “ narrative isn’t totally dead.

Of course that tactic didn’t help Warren and she’s at risk of dropping out, which is making her attack Bernie more (thought they were friends?)

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