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Here is my take on the top two reasons why Bernie Bros are disliked. First off, I'm not speaking about Sanders, his politics or supporters in general.

Dismissive of women of color

A common interaction has been between a Bernie Bro who is a young white man and an older woman of color where the Bro is condescending to the woman. First off by explaining to the woman why her top political issues are wrong and should instead match his top issues. Second off by waving aside the woman's two decades of active political experience for his two years being active. Thirdly - and most importantly - the man is not willing to recognize the huge imbalance of political risks for a woman of color verse a white man.

This behavior extends beyond women of color, but it is truly stark in this situation.

Conspiracy theories

The Bernie Bro heavily use conspiracy theories.

They use them to explain any lagging of the Sanders campaign. There are people and systems against Sanders, but there are also things against the other candidates. For example, during the last presidential election, the Sanders campaign was unprepared when it came to having delegates for the Democratic convention. The Bros explained it by saying it was the purposely done by the DNC to keep Sanders out. The process is complicated as it varies greatly from state to state. And yet, every other major Democratic candidate managed to meet the requirements not only this past election but for many elections before.

They lean heavily into conspiracy theories against Sanders' opponents. For Clinton, they peddled the same conspiracies the Right Wing has been pushing for two decades.
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