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This one really warmed my heart. They seemed like they truly got to a place where they are open with one another, and are really trying to enhance life for each other. It's rare to hear about these kind of relationship struggles without some obvious blind spot or darkness glaring at the audience that they deny or don't see. I'm definitely going to check out their podcast.

Also, I went to the Union Hall "church" that Patrick mentioned!!! It was rapper / comedian Jean Grae that did it. It ended well over a year ago (go nuts Chemda, your idea sounds like gold!). Jean had comedian friends come in and speak, and put together an amazing choir made of her musician friends. Calling it "church" really seemed like a joke at first. It was more of an inspirational comedy and music show, with some optional sharing and talk at the end.

But then, the second or third one fell on the weekend after Trump was elected. That basement at Union Hall was PACKED, and it really felt like a needed community group event. They had the show, but the whole room spoke to one another. The mic was passed around for people to ask questions and sharing feelings, and be there for one another. There was lots of crying (my empathic ass cried at every one after that). John Hodgeman gave me some really great advice about dealing with people who will not listen when we speak up about ethics. After that day, there was always a theme, but there was a lot more sharing and feelings.

It was totally non-denominational, really meant to be a gathering of people to have that community feeling of church, only judgement-free and with optional swearing and booze. It made me realize how devoid or society is of that; a safe emotional communal space that is free of the negatives of religion. It was beautiful, incredibly unique, and I really miss it.

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