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Originally Posted by shoebootie View Post
There is no sense in trying to reason with Father Malley or present him with logic or facts. He'll make up what he wants and believe what he chooses, just like with his dumb religion in his basement.
After the initial shock of seeing that FM had finally replied directly and was addressing Keith/Not!Cat, I calmed down, listened to the ep and got...NOTHING? He doesn't address the past YEAR of probably jerking off to steamy emails from his son, he isn't outraged at being made a fool of, he doesn't call Keith crazy/mean/ungrateful. He just...makes more shit up? Again? He passively threatens to sue him, after telling him a few months ago he couldn't do that to his own family and turns it like the ONLY issue is Keith bad mouthing the family?

I guess he can't keep up with the 4-5 ep a week schedule and only listened a to few things. It sounded like he thinks someone else on the KATG staff has been trying to fool him? Maybe? And thinks that whenever anyone mentions Keith's mom they're making fun of her? No one has even talked about the siblings in months! Why is he even bringing them up? Does HE have dementia? Is he responding to eps from 8 years ago?

If this were a netflix show I'd have stopped watching already. He is The Circle.
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