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Originally Posted by lithunica View Post
I watch a lot of movies in Russian (with English subtitles whin en my wife watches with me) and 90% of the time subtitles are just fucking awful, neutered, and dumbed-down, probably due to onscreen speed. It would be cool to see if any native speaking people saw the movie and weighed in on the dialogue. I'm sure in a movie like that dialogue could make or break the movie experience.

Also, I'm yet to see Hollywood movie where character pretends to be fluent in Russian and be comprehensible, c'mon, they spend months on a single fight choreography but can't get a decent language coach.
I grew up with pretty much everything international being dubbed when it's shown on German TV. That's probably why I don't find it odd/weird/annoying because a) I'm so used to it and b) they usually do a great job with different actors having different voices (and famous movie stars always having the same voice actor in dubbing) but also in getting the dubbing as close to the mouth movements as possible.
I watch most English speaking shows in the original now because I speak it fluently but obviously not everybody is lucky enough to have that training.

And I agree with Lithunica it's super annoying if films have an actor pretend to speak a foreign language and totally butcher it - there must be plenty of either foreign actors you can hire for the task or at least use a foreign voice actor to dub it for them.
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