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Originally Posted by FunkFtoKinito View Post
Guys, I am SO disappointed in you for letting this guy on.

Supporting Bernie is one thing, but Lee is clearly trying to sow division and dissent among us. Making people upset that Biden might get the nomination means that many of them are likely to skip out on the general election.

This cost the Democrats and the country the election in 2016 AND in 2000 (there were many thousands of Green Party voters in Florida more than Al Gore would have needed to win).
You're right, if we all get behind Biden now, we'll definitely beat Trump! What swing state voter wouldn't get behind the "America, like as such as you know the thing" guy. I don't necessarily think Bernie has a real shot against Biden at this point, but I also think Biden will do terrrrrribly against Trump. Pretending like he isn't an awful candidate won't win us the election. As long as there's still more than half the states left to vote in the primary, criticizing Biden for his policies and the words he says is not "sowing division," it's making the party accountable to get the best general election platform we can so we beat Donald Trump. Pressuring Joe into supporting a better health-care policy (while unlikely) would be reason enough for Bernie to stay in.

RT might be owned by the Ruskies , but in my opinion the US corporate media is pushing just as much propaganda. How many anti-war voices do you hear on CNN? How much time has MSNBC devoted to the dangers of "Russian influence" since the 2016 election? Way more than they spent honestly looking at the failings of the Clinton campaign, and now they're giving us the 2020 Biden campaign which *feels* doomed to fail in the same way Hillary lost. Hopefully I'm pessimistic and wrong, I think Trump could lose if the economy crashes and everyone dies from the virus.
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