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Originally Posted by jcro21 View Post
You're right, if we all get behind Biden now, we'll definitely beat Trump! What swing state voter wouldn't get behind the "America, like as such as you know the thing" guy.
America just wants to get rid of Trump. 3 million more people voted for Hillary (who has been vilified in the press for over 30 years now). They are looking for a generic candidate that isn't too offensive. Biden is as bland and "white" as they get. I'm not saying that I like it, but most Americans would vote for a cardboard cut out of him against Trump.

Who knows what kind of tomfoolery and ratfuckery the Republicans will pull before the election, but if all things were fair, Biden's margin in the popular vote should be over 10 million.

Biden has never been a politician of extraordinary bravery or principal. They call him a "consensus politician." He wants to make most of his constituents happy. It is lame, but this also means that his platform is significantly more "left" then Hillary's was and we (progressives) have allot of leverage still to pull him further to the left.

One of the things that he and his campaign will have to do after Bernie throws in the towel (which he should do soon) is try and make friends with all of the Bernie hard-ons that are saying that they will not vote/vote 3rd party/vote for Trump. This means that he will potentially make concessions on Healthcare and Student loans. This is my hope anyway.

Originally Posted by jcro21 View Post
RT might be owned by the Ruskies , but in my opinion the US corporate media is pushing just as much propaganda. How many anti-war voices do you hear on CNN? How much time has MSNBC devoted to the dangers of "Russian influence" since the 2016 election?
RT is most certainly Russian propaganda. It is owned and controlled by the Russian state. Lee's BS about "voting Green" was a very clever seed intended to sabotage the opposition party during the election, as it has previously done in Florida in 2000, etc.

The US mass media ABSOLUTELY has an agenda. It is owned entirely by people with lots of money and LOTS of interests in all major corporate sectors. It existentially threatened by anyone that legitimately aims to weaken corporate influence over the political process. Publicly funded elections? Never. The politicians NEED to beg us for money to get elected.

Consider how much money health insurance and drug companies pump into advertisements. Even if we pretend that the guys that own the media outlets do not have large diversified investments in healthcare/defense/energy, etc. companies, they also depend on them for ad revenue, which is the whole reason they exist.

Still. Even they know that we are teetering on disaster with Trump. Biden will have tailwinds heading into the election. Only Fox News (and the other outright propagandists) will seriously work against him.
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