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Originally Posted by FunkFtoKinito View Post
America just wants to get rid of Trump. 3 million more people voted for Hillary (who has been vilified in the press for over 30 years now). They are looking for a generic candidate that isn't too offensive. Biden is as bland and "white" as they get. I'm not saying that I like it, but most Americans would vote for a cardboard cut out of him against Trump.
I hope you're right! Living in PA I will be doing my part to not see four more years of Trump by voting for *gulp* Joe Biden or whoever else the nominee might be. There's just been some troubling trends (like Trump's approval ratings going up during the impeachment trial) that make me worry they're going to make another false equivalency between the (undeniable) corruption of the Democratic party and the fucking wacko evil Trump Republicans.

And I'm not a huge Lee fan, I think he comes across as kind of smarmy on his show, although I liked him a lot on this episode, good to know he can hang with the gang. But now we're calling anyone who advocates for 3rd party voting a Russian hack? Lee's point seemed to be he'll vote Green in Washington D.C. because the democrat is 100% going to win there. The two party system has had us by the balls for decades, acknowledging that and trying to move towards something better is good!

I just think a lot of the Russia hysteria is overblown - yes they may be trying to stoke the fires of division between us or whatever, but those divisions exist and the US corporate media is all too happy to discount alternative, left-wing voices as Russian propaganda.
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