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Originally Posted by Hai View Post
Same with voting third party and not voting. Even in countries where 5+ major parties is the norm, if you're directed by purism-idealism, not only will you get nothing, and your vote will be effectively shredded by things like minimum thresholds, but it will remove you from the equation to benefit then-biggest runner.
Iím with you for most of your points but I donít agree with this one.

In a system with a well established multi party system itís perfectly useful and frankly necessary to vote for smaller parties.

Mainly because not doing that would bring it screeching back to a two party system and thatís clearly a shitshow.

But also because there is often coalition governments where the smaller party will have considerable influence on policy because they are needed to get the majority votes. In Germany we got a whole lot of progressive ideas implemented during a SPD (similarish to Democrats) & Green coalition because the Green Party was able to push them outside their comfort zone.

And because people know that coalition governments can and do work they feel more comfortable voting for different parties based on their actual campaign goals and not Ďoh I always voted red gotta keep doing thatí.

BUT the US doesnít have that system so just vote for whoever the democrats eventually decide on pretty please.
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