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Originally Posted by jcro21 View Post
I just think a lot of the Russia hysteria is overblown - yes they may be trying to stoke the fires of division between us or whatever, but those divisions exist and the US corporate media is all too happy to discount alternative, left-wing voices as Russian propaganda.
I don't think so at all. If there has been one clear winner on the international stage over the past 3 1/2 years, it has been Russia and Putin. He has increased his influence in the Middle East immensely, seems to be operating without checks in Europe and is otherwise untouchable. This is all possible because Trump is covering for him.

As far as Lee goes, he is literally on Russia's payroll. Maybe he got the gig because his politics aligned with Russia's goals in the first place, but at the moment he is furthering their goals. Convincing people to opt out of voting against Trump or voting Green is 100% beneficial to Russia.

RT is undeniably a Russian-State backed outlet. Ask yourself this: Why would Russia be operating a(nother) news channel, of all things, in the US?

They are not trying to promote Russian films or culture, they are not trying to compete for advertising dollars with Fox news, CNN, etc. They are looking to put out stories or spin stories that benefit Russia.
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