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Being forced to stay inside isnt really THE worst. I have regular long talks with my SO on Skype (internet is something likle air, right now). The restrictions are getting tighter. Right now its only one person per family to be allowed to do groceries or pharmaceuticals. Anything else is shut down. Went to the bank this morning in order to request for handling of my father's needs (balance, bills, etc) online, in his place.

The contradictory info is the worse. The main info is that masks arent mandatory anbd should be left to the sanitary and the ill but every once iun a while someone says we should all wear them, and they are impossible to find on proper channels.

Most of anything transmitted on tv (which i dont watch but my father does, constantly) is a mixture of doomsday and vague hope .

I also try to hold on to the thoughts of eventually gettring to the US when all settles.

A lot of providers of essential needs (like gasoline) are startiong to use the situation to strike. I fear the moment where food might run scarce and it erodes my sanity.

Still i am healthy and so is everyone i love and thats whatr grounds me
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