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Originally Posted by Apia resurrected View Post
You made it Americans.
You are number one in Corona worldwide.

Without any Europeans bringing it to you the last weeks.

fuck that sounds about right damn. I really wish the US would just officially go on quarantine for all states. But we pride ourselves in independence and each state is so contradictory towards each other. I was speaking with my mother earlier this week who's church has shut down indefinitely and asked her how she felt about the situation. Even though her church is saying it's dangerous and people should stay inside, her thoughts are "this is bullshit and I'm going to continue going outside and doing what I want. this country is being stupid. no reason for us to hole up and get paid money for doing so." Very intriguing take on things. I honestly take her opinions with many many grains of salt lol. Just funny that her church has decided to not happen due to corona virus but she is saying its bullshit lol.
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