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Toward the end of the show it sounded like Kyle might occasionally struggle with Keith's much touted unique pronunciations from time to time.

I've been working on a translation guide for new guests and listeners. Now that many of us have more time and less to do, I want to open the list up for additions/corrections from some other folks.

Keithese -> English

Indoored -> Endured : "Keith has indoored jokes about his speech impediment since the beginning of KATG."

Tolllllet -> Toilet : "Keith used to share pictures after taking a dump in the tolllllet."

Airbuds -> Earbuds : "If you listed to KATG with airbuds, people around you won't know why you're laughing."

Bear -> Beer or Bear, needs context : "Keith used to drink bear, and there was much confusion when he was actually talking about bears."

Teggsuzzzz -> Texas : "When Keith says it, there are a ton of G's and Z's in Teggsuzzzz."

Thurr -> Their : "It's thurr problem if they can't understand Keith."

Ruuned -> Ruined : "Keith's attention to sound quality has ruuned all other podcasts for me."

Weer -> Wear : "Keith thinks it's okay to weer crocs."

Tings -> Things : "One of the first tings I do every morning is fire up the latest KATG episode."

Antire -> Entire : "If my commute is especially bad, I can get through an antire episode."

Slambasted -> made up word meaning very, very drunk : "Keith doesn't miss being slambasted now that he's discovered weed."

Deered -> Dared : "One of the listeners deered to attempt documenting Keithese."

Air rings -> Ear Rings : "If you're wearing airbuds, be careful they don't get caught in your air rings."

Fear -> Fair: “In a fear fight, Tracy would destroy Chemda”

Rundurr -> Run Their: “Keith would happily rundurr errands for them if he had time.”
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