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I still haven't altered my life much. Maybe I was more introverted than I thought? Work cut me from 47 to 40 hours. Still 5 a week. It's nice getting out and seeing the sunlight.
I went to Stop and Shop. They had all the cattle lined up through a single aisle instead of letting them choose their own check out. I walked out.
Lowes said they were open until 8pm. I bought some circuit breakers and wire. When I went to return the things I didnt need they were closed. They had changed it to 7 pm and they were limiting capacity to 50%.
I went to my local air gas supplier and could still get CO2/Argon mix.
My morning commute is starting to suck again. Not as many people but they're all really slow in the left lane. I love that cops aren't pulling people over though.
Three people on my FB have made onlyfans accounts.
Vermont specifically said they aren't selling vegetable seeds which conspiracists are saying is to increase government dependency.
Calculus is difficult to teach myself. It sucks but I'll probably have to drop it. I can't learn calculus in an online format. I tried. That's why I took an on campus class this year.[emoji849]

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