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Loved the finger puppets!

Originally Posted by Beth Yaz-Pistachio View Post
I've been outta the forums for at least a few months now, mostly because I was dealing with a huge move to a new place. That's done now, along with the emotional adjustment needed. Yay! (I'd been out of regular touch on here for so long that I was like "what the hell is this, Apia RESURRECTED?" Heh.)

ANYWAY. What I really meant to say here is this: I LOVED KATG WEEK SO MUCH. Thanks to all of you, really a lot. REALLY a lot.

And that epic after-chat, what was it, the third night? I was on for 6 or 7 hours or something ridiculous like that. I think I crawled into bed at like 4am and woke up at 7, because of course I fucking did. Semi-annoyed but mostly delighted. And with sandpapery eyeballs.

(In the final chat after the events, I showed people my newly created finger puppets of Keith and Chemda, and they're the first human puppets I ever made, and are still making me laugh.)

Happy Day, of course, for obvious reasons, and more than that too.

The finger puppets were awesome! Loved them!
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