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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
YAY! It was so fun. The praise in the chat made me feel so warm and squooshy inside. Say more loves about me.

I comment again to say that I am still currently trying to make an Andrea puppet, and the mouth is giving me NO END OF TROUBLE. (I feel like this somehow means something. {giggle})

She has a raised and questioning eyebrow (bwahaha), some very successful hair, a ROCKIN' outfit, and the same eyes as you guys, but I have re-done her mouth three times now and the latest version is a big stupid grin that I didn't mean to quite do, and I'm cursing at it and starting a fourth version now. YOUR MOUTH, ANDREA.

(Also, now that I'm in the swing of this, gonna have to make a Bianca puppet next probably. I already have ideas. Brisk ones.)
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