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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
After calling Jennifer (Chrisís girlfriend/partner/serioso - who I didnít REALLY know) I called my sister who in a silly way loved his dreamy eyes and jokingly knew one day heíd be her boyfriend. She described him the same way Chemda did: Nice but with a hidden heavy heart.

So funny she saw that.

Has nothing to do with ALS. But yeah, in general such a very nice guy. And man the text in pics explains ALS more then I knew. What a fucking horrible way to go.

Your brain is together but everything else isnít. Jesus.

When anyone figures out what shows he was on and/or mentioned on feel free to drop a link. (Can you beat Andrea??!!!)

Loved this: Jennifer said he wore a shirt that said IM NOT DRUNK I HAVE ALS.

This guy gets a lobster roll for SURE!
My condolences, Keith. Itís tough to lose a buddy like that, especially heartbreaking when you didnít know he was sick. What a tangle of emotions.
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