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Namibia now has 25 confirmed cases... nothing compared to some other countries, but we also test very little. I got out of visiting my parents in my hometown just in time before they went back under lockdown because a truck driver escaped from their mandatory quarantine and ran around town for errands. No one is allowed in or out, but the rest of the country may buy booze again and can return to work with masks and sanitizer.

We are lucky... our government acted super quickly. We have so many immunocompromised individuals (HIV & TB) living close together in poverty. Our government healthcare system couldn’t even handle basic care before all of this so I think they working hard to keep things under control.

I’m teaching online and our seniors are also back at school for physical teaching with masks. Everyone is headachey and tired by the end of the day... I find a lot of us just feel a bit depressed by the uncertainty and requirements at the moment.... but we’re carrying on. These kids are real troopers.
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