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Originally Posted by O'Ryan View Post
I agree. I like Michael

Originally Posted by O'Ryan View Post
uh oh...

Originally Posted by O'Ryan View Post
I've found him very dismissive in this episode. He did a lot of interrupting when he heard things he disagreed with rather than let her finish her statement, but gets annoyed with Elsa when she does the same to him.
It's been a while since the episode but I think my interruption was calling her out for changing her story. She kept backtracking and pretending she didn't say what we JUST HEARD HER SAY.

Initially, she said she was deliberately trying to scare people to get their attention. People couldn't leave and had to listen to what she was saying. I was pointing out that it was counterproductive to do that.

Then she said people were free to leave and she wasn't trying to prevent people from leaving. Meanwhile, she JUST SAID that they deliberately stood in front of the door, giving the implication that people couldn't leave.

Originally Posted by O'Ryan View Post
He also made things sound simpler then they are. "Oh just go to the library if you don't have internet, or just put up candidates that will enact the law you want", he completely glosses over Elsa's point that there's little good in attempting to utilize a system that is both broken and intentionally set up to make it more difficult to get ahead in every way. Listening to Elsa, I hear the same sentiment that I heard in the clip of Kimberly Jones at the end of ep #3279.
Am I remembering correctly that Elsa said she never voted in her life? If that's true, she and everyone else who doesn't vote is a major part of the problem.

Trump was elected with only 27% of eligible voters. 100 million Americans stayed home.

Yes, yes. You can make a case that the Electoral College makes an NYS vote for president meaningless but, for what Elsa is complaining about, local elections matter even more.

Mayor, Judges, District Attorney and other local officials are much more responsible for police action than the president is.

And just because a state always votes for one party, it doesn't mean your vote is meaningless. Primaries are the real elections for a solid red/blue state. Look at what happened with AOC.

Originally Posted by O'Ryan View Post
To hear this conversation four years after it was had, a month after the murder of George Floyd... I can't come up with a good way to describe it other than this would be a very good episode to revisit given the current protests here and around the world.
Are you saying the George Floyd protests are similar to what Elsa was doing?

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