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So the abuser-talk to a therapist first before going forward with anything. People react differently to trauma. The victim might remember or his brain might have buried it to protect him. He might be in denial, he might not be. You just never know how someone is going to react. And if you do a public statement-thatís cause rampant speculation and god forbid if someone guesses what happened. As great as it is that you are admitted that you fucked up wnd seem self-aware that you donít want to make it about you-you need to wait for him to say something, if he ever does. And go to therapy to work through what you did. Youíll be able to provide them with more information than you can to a podcast and they can hopefully lead you in the right direction. And feel free to shop around for therapists. If you get one who just wants to harp on you for what you did versus helping you through it, or you arenít comfortable, find another one. There are many online options as well.

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