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Re: Ladybird
fuck that movie and the parents

I recently rewatched VoxLux, a movie I loved when i saw it 3 years ago. It was kinda bland the second time around but the interactions between Natalie Portman and her daughter really affected me.

Natalie plays a volatile narcissistic drug abuser. EVERY INTERACTION with her daughter is turned into a moment for her to seem like a selfless angel and it really set me off while watching. The daughter asks why Natalie always treats her sister like she hates her, Natalie starts a story about how the sister is scared and not strong enough to do what Natalie does. The daughter references Natalie's excessive drinking and losing weight and gives concern about whether she's going to make herself ill (again). Natalie dodges the question by saying "I'm the mom! I do the worrying. You're so important...everything I do is for you"

it made me sick

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