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Originally Posted by littlp View Post
Research actually showed that there wasn’t any resurgence due to the protests because people wore masks. And I would argue that they were doing protests for a very good reason even in a pandemic. It is the Trump rallies that’ll be spreading the stuff since he flat out refuses to advocate wearing masks and keeps making it a political issue versus the health issue it is.

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That’s not what I meant.
I meant the protests of sex workers in Germany who want to go back to work.
There are for sure ways to do sex work in a safe way even in the pandemic
( webcams, dominatrix work) but the regular way ( two people meet in person and have sex) is dangerous right now. And the protests were organized with the aim allow it.

If people are wearing masks during BLM protests, that’s good and reduces harm.
But still, in a large gathering the risk is higher to get covid, no matter if it’s a good cause or not. The Virus dosent care about the cause.
You could argue that it’s still worth it, I see that.
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