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I do hope that now with all we know about Keith's dad that we don't believe that if he had not parented Keith in the way he did that Keith would have "ruled the roost."
C'mon, Keith needed an empathetic, loving, sane, father. A father who didn't yell when Keith did something he didn't like.
Yelling at people one disagrees with doesn't fix anything. It just makes people retreat into their corners.
It's cathartic, it can be entertaining, it can feel good to the yeller in the moment.
Yelling at a child is appropriate when they are about to be hit by a car or about to touch hot stove. Immediate physical danger. Then after you yell you hug them, tell them you love them, and do what you can to repair the trauma of being yelled at.
Believe it or not, everyone is actually doing the best they can. Some people's best is pretty terrible, for sure. But why? If they are drinking in the streets it's probably because they don't have the capacity to cope in a different way. Our society is providing no supports to struggling people. World leaders could have prevented this pandemic and they didn't. That is not the fault of people who are unable to cope with more isolation.
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