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I forgot my password for a while, still listening to the show. I watched a video on Facebook today at Dubai Airport they take a nasal swab and test you for COVID in the airport, if you are clear you can walk straight through, otherwise you go to quarantine for 14 days.

Last year I saw a hand held PCR machine the size of on iPhone used to test for Ebola in the field. I'm in the UK which I think now is the 6th richest economy in the world and we cannot check people at airports? I think I might get one for my house and make people take a swab before they come in!

I also think this is the perfect time for the UK Government to legalise weed so I can get into the edibles business.

Fairly certain I had COVID for six weeks April & May then one of my teeth broke and had to have it extracted after the dentists reopened because they couldn't do any aerosol work. Looking forward to saving the two and half grand for an implant in an economy that has been flatlining for ten years (fairly certain before Brexit we were the 4th largest economy), although is a replacement tooth a worthy investment when the scientists are saying we might not make it through winter

Despite COVID I'm loving my isolating life at the moment.

I turned forty last Christmas and I was planning on having a massive week at Edinburgh this festival, treated myself to a flat rather than the usual student digs (Airbnb kept my deposit) Maybe next year we can all hire a mansion a la Peters Friends and say fuck you to COVID, that would be fun.
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