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The worst game I've ever played is Final Fantasy XV. In a nutshell, it's a 60 hour road trip with 4 bros to save the world from the apocalypse, and at every turn terrible things happen. One of their fathers die, their hometown is blownup, one gets called a pussy, one gets blinded, one is a clone, they all get cockteased by a purple haired clown.

After each horrible event the boys don't really talk about what happened, their feelings about being blind or causing a person to be blinded or being a clone. But every 6-10 hours one of them will just leave the group for a week without saying anything, or start crying randomly or, more often, begin yelling at each other to take things seriously and be humble and straighten up. Then after the yelling they go back to fishing and doing ads for Cup Noodle Soup like it never happened. Until the next time it happens.

Thanks to the Diamond Dogs, I've learned it was the most real fucking thing in the world and that's how alot of (almost all??) men are.

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