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Originally Posted by ssgtballard View Post
Eggs are the first thing we taught my kids to cook since they are so easy. By the time my son was 8 he could scramble, over easy, sunny side up and poach an egg with no issue.
See Kieth you thought the wrongs of your father were somehow limited to what he said, turns out he abused you by never showing you how to cook a simple fucking egg. For gods sake that man has no scruples, no end to the reckoning that is due him. Teach a kid to make an egg, how hard is that! I was 5 helping to hard boil eggs for Easter, probably about 8 making my own eggs over easy. My Dad showed me how to make a soft boiled egg and poached eggs.

Tell me Keith did he teach you how to cook bacon? (seriously I've learned some people don't know how. Never eat bacon if you're in Russia. It's not right! Although I bet Germans can't do it either... all limp and raw looking...) CRISPY PEOPLE!
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