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I also feel a sense of community in the club of anxious people now.
My problem is, as I told you before, intrusive thoughts with worst case scenarios.

Example: can’t find the dog, so I immediately see pictures of our dead dog, run over by a car and how I have to tell it to the children and clean the street in front of our house of the dead dog. Where will I put the dog parts? In the trash? Seems wrong but where else?
I can’t dig a deep enough hole with all the things I have to do! And I know my husband was against having a dog grave in our small backyard when the old dog died. So I need a good trash bag. And then make an appointment with a dog crematorium. Will the bag we have endure the weight? It’s about 25 kg. How will I do it that the children don’t see it?

My visions are always weirdly detailed and practical.

The dog comes back from the basement 2 minutes later, I feel relief but still feel lots of stress because of my horror visions.

Now everyone is anxious. Unfortunately some of my intrusive thoughts when it comes to COVID were more like a forecast.

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