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I'm a bit behind on episodes but had to jump into comments after hearing the #SaveTheChildren Bit.
I see a lot of anti-Black Lives Matter and anti-Mask pages posting about it as a tactic to shift attention away from those issues. A few weeks ago it started with "why aren't people protesting kid trafficking (implying BLM protests) then it was "We should focus our legislation on Kid Trafficking instead of mask mandates" followed by "If they could take down American Frontline Doctors video so quick why can't they take down child porn" slowly building up narratives similarly of what they did with BlueLivesMatter (same abbreviation to drown out Black Lives Matter) and All Lives Matter. They even use a tiny white fists logo that is identical to BLM posts. To confuse racially insulated midwest folk by feeding them skewed narratives. When pressed these posts usually defend holding Kids in ICE detention centers as "Saving them from trafficking" It's a shit way to architect propaganda that's wrapped in a seemingly good cause. Yesterday Facebook had to block the SaveTheChildren hashtag due to avalanche of misinformation and conspiracy theories - Like Tom Hanks moving to Greece because he can fuck kids there, playing into conspiracy theories that FB is in on it and that BigBad social media is censoring conservative voices. I'm betting good money it's a build-up for some sort upcoming legislation that has to do either with ICE or Biden being a creeper.
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