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Originally Posted by Apia resurrected View Post
I get it.
Sadly you have the two party system and thatís how it goes.

A PSA from Germany:

Joe Biden isnít my favorite choice either.
But he is an earth angel and incredibly qualified compared to Trump. Kamala is smart and qualified anyway.

Please vote for them and donít skip the election because itís not your ideal team.
It's so so so hard this time around. I voted for Hillary in 2016 even though I wasn't a fan of her. But this Biden/Harris ticket is just a giant "fuck you" to anyone truly hoping for change. I feel like any way you slice it we're fucked. I've always been one to try to encourage people to vote even when we are choosing between a giant douche and a turd sandwich... but it feels so much harder this time. I feel like a vote for Biden is a resignation of any chance of hope or opportunity to change this fucked up system that we are forced into. Nobody in this election has the best interest of the American people in mind. Trump's election made me hopeless for our system and now Biden and Harris at the forefront of the ticket solidifies the DNC will do what the DNC wants to do regardless of what the American people truly want. I'm at the point where I don't even feel like I should participate in this system that is everything that's wrong with this country.

Not saying I won't vote... I'm just still grappling with it. I don't know what I'm going to do and it's never been that way for me.
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