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I'm not sure how much you know already about how it works so forgive me if I'm giving you info you already know. The way that our political process is set up, basically the DNC pushes the candidate that they want for whatever reasons they want them (which usually revolves around who's putting the most money in who's pockets). The person who wins the nomination is not necessarily the person who got the most individual votes, instead it's whoever wins the most delegate votes. Delegate votes often don't align with the actual number of individual people that voted for a particular candidate in any given area because of the way they are split up. I truly believe that if our system was actually fair, Bernie would have been the nominee. Even more than in 2016 there was an overwhelming amount of support for Bernie. But that isn't enough in American politics.

There are many obstacles for any candidate that's not the candidate the DNC wants. The caucus in 2016, for example, was a complete mess. Many people did not get a chance to vote even though they were entitled to because of hours long wait times, deadlines, etc. I personally wasn't able to vote because by the time I was able to get into the room that I was meant to vote in, the deadline to collect votes had already ended. There were still hundreds of people who hadn't even made it into the building yet when I left defeated. And I know this is just one example of one experience, but it seemed to me that almost everyone I spoke to there who was willing to talk about it was there to vote for Bernie, and I heard a lot of similar experiences for other people. Thankfully many states changed that system for this election but that's just one of many problems with the way voting works in this country.

Early polls showed an overwhelming amount of support for Bernie, but because the Clintons have been and are in the DNC's pockets, it was basically doomed from the start that Bernie voters wouldn't have their voices heard and Hillary would be the candidate despite what the majority of people truly wanted

There has also been evidence in poorer neighborhoods or neighborhoods with a higher number of minorities that voters have been wrongly turned away for supposed voter registration issues, address issues, etc. and that polling places in more densely populated but less well-off neighborhoods are often vastly understaffed and unsupported.

Another example, the last debate that Bernie insisted on having even though Joe didn't want to, tickets to that debate were like $2,000 a pop. The average donation that Bernie Sanders gets is $27. Do you really think that anyone there was there to support Bernie? They only let rich people in who are willing to spend $2,000 to attend a live debate. Every step of our current system is built to get in the way of what is best for the country and instead we are stuck with what's best for the DNC.

All of this to say, just because the narrative is that "Joe Biden is what the people want", the votes that you're being shown are not an accurate representation of the country as a whole.

That is why I am saying I don't want to participate anymore. The DNC forced Joe Biden down our throats in the same way they forced Hillary down our throats and I don't feel like being complacent in that anymore.

I could go on and on but these are the things that come to mind immediately.

"What a strange, strange world we live in
Where the good are damned and the wicked forgiven
What a strange, strange world we live in
Those who don't have lose, those who've got get given
More, more, more, more"
You arenít being an honest debater. You threw out a lot of random arguments to sidetrack the argument. If Biden got more votes in the primary than others, how is that not the will of the people?
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