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Originally Posted by bagelwagel View Post
You aren’t being an honest debater. You threw out a lot of random arguments to sidetrack the argument. If Biden got more votes in the primary than others, how is that not the will of the people?
I'm sorry that you take my message as me not being an honest debater. My goal wasn't to sidetrack the conversation, I was trying to provide examples to answer your question on how if Biden got the most delegate votes then how is that not the will of the people. It's not that simple because of how it's set up. I don't have a political science degree and I didn't take the time to cite sources, just tried to explain the situation from the way I see it as a citizen who participates in the election since you specifically asked me about it. I tried to explain that Biden getting more votes in the primary has to do with how many delegates were assigned to him in any given area. I didn't go into great detail because I didn't want to assume anyone's baseline knowledge of the situation so I didn't go into the nitty gritty of the way delegates work vs. individual votes. But I am happy to gather some sources for you and post them later when I'm not at work.

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