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Originally Posted by bagelwagel View Post
I understand how delegation voting works. The delegates system is a different argument from my question regarding the will of the American people. If we took away delegates and the primaries were a simple popular vote, Biden still wins. My point is very specifically targetted at your assertion that the American people don't want Biden.

It is disheartening that you are disregarding the voices of Americans who cared enough to show up to the ballots and vote in the Democratic primaries who didn't vote in a way that you agree with.
I don't think that overall the American people want Biden. I think there are a multitude of factors that skew the votes. The system itself is broken and therefore does not necessarily represent the will of the American people. That is why I mentioned the issues like voter suppression, the DNC favoring one candidate over the rest, and the push for the candidate to be who the DNC wants the candidate to be. I think that the narrative that was pushed to everyone is that Joe Biden would be the best candidate. Many many people support him simply because of his connection to Obama. Many many more people support him simply because he's "not Trump." I don't know of a ton of people who are thrilled for Joe Biden to be the candidate other than people wanting to get in on the action. Andrew Yang dropped out of the race in part because Biden indicated that he would consider him as VP and other candidates dropped out when it was clear it was between Bernie, Biden and Buttigieg. When candidates dropped out and immediately endorsed Joe Biden, people who were rooting for said candidate simply turn to Team Biden because their candidate told them to. There is no one answer to your question and you're taking that as me trying to divert the conversation. I'm not. It is complicated and convoluted and there are so many factors at play. So all I'm saying is just because Biden won doesn't mean he is what the majority of Americans want. It's not so cut and dry as that. Look at Trump. The majority of Americans did not want Trump to be our president and look where we are anyway.
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