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Dam white folks fucked up

So first of all I would like to say I would love for you to send that to your father and I would love to hear what he has to say obviously you’re not scared to share your family secrets hell they seem to be anyone secrets now a lot of people seem to be growing up the same way white folks are crazy, as being a black person listening to a lot of white podcasting poor folks have the right your skin color just made your parents go buck ass wild crazy, fuck ,his shit UP and drag him obviously he’s going to die before you so let the world know we Pered on your ex-wife. I mean I don’t know how long that this PC correctness and all of its full glory as of now is going to last while you’re in the bubble that was us under the bus he already did it he made you dig holes because you were basically born fuck him drag his ass and your mom beat you up for pretending to be Spiderman cheating on you have any imagination at all…… Dot dot Yeah Melanin challenged fucked up
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