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I recently quit my restaurant job because of Covid. It is absolutely not easier to be working in a pandemic. People behaved for one fucking week then all the rules go out the window and they start being assholes again. People don't want to follow the rules and when the only people there to enforce them are also relying on tips, it's a free for all. I got yelled at for asking people to wear a mask, I got yelled at for wearing one myself. I got yelled at for taking too long to sanitize a table. I got yelled at for trying to tell people not to sit in large groups. After a while, I didn't give a fuck anymore. Fuck all of you, go die, I'm done. I'm out here trying to protect you from a god damn pandemic and you're treating me like shit.

For the record tho, the money was fucking great. The place I worked has one of the largest outdoor patios in the neighborhood so we were packed for hours and hours. We had to start tip pooling and staggering staff in later and later because running around in 99 degree heat with a mask on for more than four hours is really fucking hard and people started getting sick from dehydration. My last few shifts I was averaging between $50-$60 an hour.
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