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Christ Why
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I voted newspaper because fundamentally when we all had newspapers, everyone was seeing the same news, more or less. We were all on the same page about what was happening before the days of online news. Aside from opinion pieces, newspapers would present us with the facts and it was up to us to discern how we felt about them.

It's difficult for people who didn't grow up with technology to navigate news online because there are a million ads and pop-ups and fake click-bait and biased articles (like Keith was saying) and for people who aren't well-versed online it's hard to remember to pay attention to the source. It's very easy to find yourself down a rabbit hole of "fake news" for lack of a better term. Plus, those who want to sway people in one way or another can make websites that make them look like a reputable news source and that's how they get into the minds of the people who aren't actively seeking out information from trusted sources. As much as we try to educate people on how to find accurate news, I know personally I've seen very intelligent people click on a link they shouldn't have, share something that was false without double checking, etc. So while it's easy for people to say "I can tell the difference between click-bait and a real article", it's really not second nature to a lot of people.

I would even go as far as to say online news helped get Trump elected. Think about your dumb relatives on facebook who share shit from Breitbart and all kinds of other laughable shit that they actually believe... those people are real life people who vote. I'm not saying we wouldn't still be just as dumb if we never had online news but I think it's just another way to get into the subconscious of the ignorant. All of that to say, I'm with you, Keith.

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