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What about the science of COVID cases having unknown, lasting effects on people? The cognitive impairments that are happening, increased stroke risk, kidney failure, neurological problems. This is a NOVEL coronavirus, novel meaning new - the newest of the SARS strain of viruses and the long term effects won't be fully realized for a while since science demands things like facts, data and testing.

Get the fuck outta here with your "only 1% chance of dying" fake news - If there was a bowl of m&ms on the table and I told you only 1% of them were poisoned, would you eat any of them? Or is it just not worth the risk? Wear a mask and shut the fuck up, forever. Or, get covid and die Brett, makes no difference to me... the difference I care about is STOP spreading fake statistics, stop spreading a disease to people who don't have a choice.

We can lower our odds and risks. Just do the things.
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